A Lifetime Insurance Column

I retired from the insurance industry almost ten years ago. Since then, I have found that helping people is a passion of mine that I was never able to do while working in insurance. 

Hello, my name is Jim Davis, and I am the man behind this lifestyle and professional advice column. I first started actively giving people advice once I retired. It all started when my grandson was involved in his first car accident. He almost made the mistake of providing the insurance adjuster with a statement which could have cost him his insurance settlement. 

You know when you buy a new car and then you start seeing that new car everywhere? That’s exactly what happened with car accidents. It seemed like everyone I knew was having some sort of insurance issue and I quickly found myself helping them figure out how to resolve them. From there, acquaintances would reach out to me on Facebook and suddenly, complete strangers were sending me their questions. 

And, it wasn’t just about insurance anymore. If someone would write in and ask me how to get their children to listen to them, or what they should do during the holidays if they don’t celebrate Santa Claus, I would happily give them the pearls they were looking for. Eventually, I thought I could help even more people by setting up my own website and offering my advice as “Dear Jim”.

“Dear Jim” Topics

Readers submit their questions and comments through our Facebook page. Those who need answers to their insurance, divorce, marriage, lifestyle, work, and parenting questions could find them here.

With over sixty years of lifelong professional and personal experience, it is my hope that I can help individuals and families get through the tough times in their lives. 

About the Author

Jim Davis was born on July 3, 1950 and spent most of his life working in the insurance industry after being honorably discharged from the military. Jim has been married for 40 years to his devoted wife, Samantha. They have two adult children and eight grandchildren. 

In his spare time, Jim enjoys fishing, eating sushi, baking, playing golf, watching his grandkids play soccer, visiting the beach, wine tasting, and hiking. Many people do not know that Jim is a published author who enjoys writing everything from science fiction novels and murder mysteries to harlequin romances and his own memoir.